How to download music/videos from various online platforms

Normally if I want to grab a video from youtube or a track from soundcloud, I’ll just copy the link and head over to the search engine (Duck it! and search for a random website that will allow me to download the file to my computer. This can be a bit tedious at times, most of these website has so much misleading ads trying to bait you into thinking you about the download the file you want, and there is always these annoying steps, that is loading 3-4 different page of the website (They do this to get more impressions on the ads) until you get to the page the actual download link is on. Never the less, I have found some descent sites that allow you to just download the file and gtfo but for some reason I don’t bookmark the site thinking, yeah, I probably wouldn’t be download a video from youtube again until I find myself back on duckduckgo trying to find a download service.

I have used a program before but it was giving me the same bad experience some of the web services did so I didn’t really bother to download any programs again to grab a video online. This was until I saw a friend of my mine using a program that is installed on his computer called “JDownloader”  to download from youtube, soundcloud, facebook, etc. I was instantly intrigued by it, and downloaded it onto my computer give it a try. I was very impressed with it and I have to say it’s a super slick downloading tool that is easy to use with tons of useful features. I have been using it even since, and I’m loving it :)

JDownloader is open-source and free, I highly recommend giving it a try if are looking for a method to get video or tracks online. Also, I’m using it on linux. That is pretty cool that they support other operating systems. It’s also available on mac, and of course, windows.

The Best Audio Formats for Recording Music

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a musician, recording your own tunes from time to time is incredibly fun and useful. However, there’re so many different audio file formats to record and store your music as, it can easily get confusing.

Thankfully, we’ve put together a quick guide to choosing the best audio formats when it comes to recording music.


These two are considered to be uncompressed or “lossless” file formats when it comes to recording and storing music. WAV files are exclusive to the Windows operating system, whilst AIFF are exclusive to Apple’s OSX. They’re both stored completely uncompressed, with no loss of quality. This also means that they can be converted between each other without any loss of quality either, despite their different origin platform.

Both WAV and AIFF can result in pretty big file sizes, but are perfect if you’re just recording music at home for your own use.


Free Lossless Audio Codec and Apple Lossless Audio Codec are essentially the audio versions of Zip files. FLAC and ALAC are specifically designed for audio compression and therefore allow for a file to retain quality whilst being squished in size. FLAC and ALAC files tend to be around half the size of a WAV.

If space isn’t too much of an issue and you’re looking to retain fantastic quality in your music, both FLAC and ALAC are fantastic options. What’s more, they can be converted back to WAV and AIFF easily, without any loss of quality.

MP3, AAC, WMA and Vorbis

These are known as “lossy” formats. Chances are, most of the audio files on your PC, smartphone or audio device are stored in either MP3 or one of the other lossless audio file formats. Much like with FLAC and ALAC, these file formats are all compressed, but to a point where they can’t be converted back without loss of quality.

MP3 files tend to run about 1 MB per minute and is the most popular format for storing audio files. AAC, WMA and Vorbis are also similar in technology, but nowhere near as popular as MP3.

In conclusion, MP3 looks to remain as the most popular file format for storing audio, but the other aforementioned file formats still provide a fantastic solution, depending on what you’re looking for, whether that be compression or lossless conversion.

MP3 Download Versus Streaming Services – Which Choice Is Better

When it comes to music download, you normally have two options – downloading and streaming. Each of them has both pros and cons, yet one option seems to be better than another. Which one?

What MP3 Download Truly Means

Music downloading is fairly simple. You can find websites giving out free music, but you can just as well purchase tracks or even whole albums from online stores. You can do it via applications too, not to mention your favorite artists’ official websites. Once the payment is made, you gain access to a unique download link. Voilà!

Downloading music is piece of cake. Once you find the required file, you can wait for a few minutes for the download to be over. At that point, you can use that file just like you can use a CD. Apart from MP3 download files, you may also find other formats. Some of the most popular ones include AAC and WMA. You can copy the respective file from one device to another – from smartphones to personal computers.

Look for more downloads and you will end up with a pretty decent music library.

What Music Streaming Is About

Music download is different from music streaming. MP3 download is about owning files. MP3 streaming is about renting them. There are plenty of services as well. They allow you to rent music on a regular basis. Basically, you pay a monthly or yearly fee and access all kinds of libraries. The principle is pretty simple – all you can listen to. However, you do not own the actual music.

Once the subscription is over, the access is gone. However, you did not have to pay for the respective music individually anyway.

MP3 Download Versus MP3 Streaming

You probably ask yourself whether you should opt for MP3 download or MP3 streaming. Each option has both pros and cons. Streaming is a good choice sometimes, but music download is usually the primary option. Why?

Streaming music is like playing the radio, only you can choose the tracks you want to hear. On the other hand, when you build a personal collection for parties or just a little relaxation, you want your favorite music. The only way to get there implies getting the actual music. This means MP3 download and storage.

Whether you opt for whole albums or just single tracks, the audio file belongs to you. You can copy it to your MP3 player, smartphone or laptop. At the same time, audio files (most of them) come with specific information about the song, such as the release years, genre, composer and so on. If you want a top-notch organization for your music collection, this is definitely a plus.

With all these, there is one major advantage of MP3 download – do whatever you want with it. It makes no difference what happens in the future. Streaming music is possible today and impossible tomorrow. Music download gives you the opportunity to play the song now, tomorrow and 20 years later.